Syndicated Research

Market research is worthless unless it’s transformed into knowledge that works to move you ahead.

That’s why Health Strategies Group syndicated studies follow a process that starts with asking the right questions of the right respondents using the right methodologies.  Our process continues in the hands of experts who deliver results organized to communicate clear and meaningful answers to your questions in the market segments listed below. 

Looking for a customized approach? We offer Custom Market Research.

Research by Market Segment

When you engage with Health Strategies Group you have direct access to our team of market experts who share their insights to transform research results into knowledge that works for you. Our research directors and practice leaders are industry thought leaders because they each live, breathe, and own one area of expertise. They continually build their expertise through:

  • Ongoing research with leading providers, payers, and intermediaries to understand their businesses and points-of-view;
  • In-depth analysis of marketplace trends and future scenarios to keep ahead of changes in the industry; and
  • Hands-on application with pharmaceutical and biotech professionals from across the industry, which provides a broad view of industry questions and concerns.

Meet Our Team of Research Directors



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