How Effective Is Your Framework for Pairing the Right Tactics with the Right Payers, Health Systems and ACOs?
Do you currently segment payers, health systems, ACOs, and other market access customers according to attitudes that drive their management and purchasing behaviors?
Do you limit the number of segments for each to just three or four?
Do stakeholders in your organization support this segmentation model?
Are your brand and payer marketing strategies aligned to a common segmentation model for priority market access customers?
Do your brand marketing, payer marketing, and account teams prioritize customers according to this segmentation model?
Does your marketing team develop specific product messages based on each account segment's attitudes?
Does your marketing team identify specific resources based on each account segment's attitudes?
Can your account managers accurately assign their accounts to the proper segment?
Does your segmentation model translate into specific actions that account managers can take with their accounts?
Is your segmentation model customized for your particular product and market?
Answers: 0 SOMETIMES
0 NO

If you answered "Sometimes" or "No" to any of these questions,
you may not be effectively segmenting your accounts.


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