Are your customer programs creating a competitive advantage?
Our programs address defined needs of an individual customer role within a customer segment.
Our resources align with the stated goals of our customers.
Our account managers understand the target customer for each of our programs.
We assess the value of our customer programs for their intended audiences annually.
We have a systematic approach to allocating funds to develop and implement programs that are most valuable to our customers.
We understand how our value-added programs and resources stack up against our competitors'.
As new customer segments emerge (such as ACOs and medical groups), we develop programs for each rather than redeploying programs developed for other segments.
When implementing programs for large organizations (such as health plans and institutions), we develop multiyear plans to make company resources available to ensure the programs' success.
We understand how branding affects the success of our programs and resources.
The programs and resources we provide are designed to help providers improve quality measures.
Our programs and resources help payers and providers improve patient engagement.
We systematically analyze opportunities to offer programs and resources to each customer segment.
Answers: 0 TRUE

How many statements are TRUE for your programs and resources?

10-12 Your customer programs create a STRONG COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE
7-9 Your customer programs are COMPETITIVE
5-6 Your customer programs are SOMEWHAT COMPETITIVE and there is opportunity for improvement
< 5 Your customer programs are NOT COMPETITIVE and may create a disadvantage. It's a good time to reassess your offering.
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