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No matter how strong the portfolio, every pharmaceutical company has at least one product that’s the straight-B student. Within a matter of weeks, a brand team can have a clearer picture of the opportunities available to enhance its success in managed care. To achieve that clearer picture, brand teams should look at these six causes of underperformance with payers.

  • David Rees

Pharma marketers need to know the different areas of access to best benefit their brand.

  • David Rees

The Robust Oral Oncolytic Pipeline, PM360

December, 2012

As new oral oncolytics enter the market, health plans will not only have more opportunities to influence treatment selections for specific cancer indications, but by 2015 will look beyond traditional management strategies to adopt more refined tools and clinical pathways to narrow treatment options.

  • Susan Weber

Traditionally, the period between completion of Phase II trials and submission of a New Drug Application (NDA) has been a relatively quiet time for the marketing team of a new brand. In today’s market, however, teams jeopardize the success of their brands if they wait until NDAs are submitted to begin planning. In order to build a successful launch now, a team needs to do at least four things before the NDA for its brand goes to the FDA.

  • David Rees

Why SPMs Can't Be Ignored, PM360

July, 2012

The state of the specialty pharmacy is changing, and the number of managers is growing, so make sure your company is thriving by building new lines of distribution.

  • Howard Flushman



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