September, 2016

Biopharmaceutical Companies Employ 12 Key Strategies, Approaches, and Practices to Improve Relationships

Which attributes help pharmaceutical companies strengthen relationships with c-suite decision makers?

September, 2016

ACA Changes Contracting in Medicaid

How does the Affordable Care Act change contracting in Medicaid?

January, 2015

Health Strategies Group Launches Competitor Access Strategy Insights

New service provides an advantage for payer brand marketers looking to develop access strategies that differentiate their brand from the competition.

September, 2014

Payer Access in the Multiple Sclerosis Category

Which brands in the multiple sclerosis category do plans typically prefer or disadvantage?

September, 2014

Key Market Events: Impact on Antiretroviral Access

Why are access barriers increasing in the antiretroviral category?

September, 2014

Level of Sophistication and Integration of Top ACOs

Which ACOs are most integrated and sophisticated?

September, 2014

Specialty Pharmacies and Distributors: Four Key Business Strategies

What are the recurring strategic themes among leading specialty pharmacies and specialty distributors?

September, 2014

IDNs and Direct Contracting

What type of institution is most likely to self-contract with pharmaceutical companies?

September, 2014

Four Facts You Should Know About Oncology Pathways

PM360, September 12, 2014 -- Oncology pathways are detailed, evidence-based care processes that sometimes specify the single best treatment or a limited range of options for a particular group of patients. As oncology pathways gain more traction, marketers may need to employ different strategies to protect their brand access.

Here are four facts about oncology pathways that every marketer should know.

August, 2014

ACO Initiatives Test Pharma's Traditional Sales Model

FORBES 6/2014 -- The US healthcare system’s shift from volume- to value-based reimbursement for treatment  in order to lower costs and improve patient care is disrupting healthcare business models.  The high-profile government–led accountable care organizations (ACOs), which put financial pressure on payers and providers to share responsibility for meeting quality and cost goals, is no exception.


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