October, 2014

The New Expansion Population: Emerging Opportunities

What emerging opportunities should you consider as the previously uninsured transition into Medicaid as part of the new expansion population?

October, 2014

Office-Administered Oncology Agents: Increasing Access Barriers

Office-administered oncology agents: what new access barriers will health plan members face by 2016?

October, 2014

PBM Contracting Strategies: Impact on Biopharmaceutical Companies

In what three areas will current PBM contracting strategies impact biopharmaceutical companies?

October, 2014

As Doctors Lose Clout, Drug Firms Redirect the Sales Call

Wall Street Journal -- September 24, 2014

SAN DIEGO—Kendall French used to pitch drugs to doctors who could prescribe them.

But many of those doctors now work for hospitals that don't give them final say over what is on the menu of medicines they can pick. So when the GlaxoSmithKline PLC saleswoman began plugging two new lung-disease drugs to a big San Diego hospital system this spring, it was to an administrator who doesn't see patients but helps write the menu, also called a "formulary," of approved medications.

October, 2014

Specialists’ Susceptibility to Specialty Pharmacy Management Programs

Which specialists are most susceptible or resistant to MCO specialty pharmacy management programs?

September, 2014

Medical Groups: Level of Sophistication and Engagement Opportunities

How does a medical group’s level of sophistication impact potential engagement opportunities?

September, 2014

Access: Asthma and COPD Agents

Do you know which asthma and COPD agents face the highest barriers to access?

February, 2014

Employer Participation in Health Insurance Exchanges

How does employer participation in the health insurance exchanges impact pharmaceutical companies?


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