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October, 2017

Underlying Reasons for Negative Recommendations by Country

KnowledgeEdge | HTA Impact on Global Access

Underlying Reasons for Negative Recommendations by Country

Study design is the most-cited reason for a Do Not List recommendation across markets. Health technology assessment (HTA) agency reservations on study design can foster reservations on other clinical benefit and evidence, highlighting the need for companies to have unimpeachable study designs.

Inferior study design includes choice of inappropriate comparators, lack of required patient subgroups, nonrandomized controlled trials, nonvalidated endpoints, and/or studies atypical of standard clinical guidelines.

Variations in DNL Recommendations by Country

Do you need a better understanding of what drives positive and negative coverage recommendations across global markets?

The new Global Market Access HTA Decision Making Landscape publication is the second report from Health Strategies Group’s HTA Impact on Global Access service for 2017. The report contains a comprehensive, in-depth analysis of HTA agency recommendations, identifying and explaining commonalities and differences in evidentiary requirements, agency interpretation, and coverage and reimbursement recommendations.

Take a look inside the research:


Biopharmaceutical professionals in strategic marketing, health economics, pricing, research and development, and market research who are committed to global market access can use HTA Impact on Global Access to:

  • Assess the role and impact of HTA agencies in drug coverage, pricing, and reimbursement
  • Understand what criteria shape HTA coverage decisions, early access, and accelerated/ rapid reviews
  • Anticipate the needs of HTA bodies in key geographies
  • Support organizational launch readiness


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