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May, 2015

Specialty Pharmacies and Specialty Distributors: Strengths and Weaknesses

Brand Access and Distribution Insights | RELEASED ON: 5/8/2015

The list of leading specialty pharmacies (SPs) / specialty distributors (SDs) changes constantly due to mergers, acquisitions, service divestments, leadership shifts, technology investments, new products, and evolving strategic therapeutic focus. In 2014, CVS, Accredo, and Walgreens led the SP market in revenue.

What do you know about the leading SPs and SDs?

Pharmaceutical companies need to remain up to date on the evolving SP/SD industry and its market leaders to design an effective SP/SD network strategy and to optimize negotiations and operations.

Three strengths and three weaknesses are most notable across leading
SPs and SDs:

  • Common strengths: in-depth clinical management, coordinated/comprehensive care, and early limited distribution network success
  • Common weaknesses: lack of ability to customize services, poor integration experience and outcomes, and strained pharma relations


Overview of the Top 5 Independent SPs/SDs Based on Specialty Revenue


Do you need more?

To illustrate the opportunities and risks for leading SPs and SDs, Health Strategies Group’s recently released research Specialty Pharmacy Manager Navigator: Assessment and Profiles of the Leading Specialty Pharmacies and Specialty Distributors profiles 16 independent market leaders and assesses:

    • Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT)
    • Organizational structure and leadership
    • Corporate strategy
    • Mergers and acquisitions, or other key business transactions
    • Business performance
    • Business mix
    • Products and services, including therapeutic areas of expertise
    • Geographic reach
    • Notable healthcare industry relationships

Additionally, this report includes a catalogue of 120+ niche SPs, accessible in Excel format and downloadable from your customized Health Strategies Group webpage.


Key Questions This Research Answers

  • Who are the leading specialty pharmacies and specialty distributors?
  • What new strategic directions have become common among the leading specialty pharmacies and specialty distributors?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of each organization?
  • What are the keys to long-term survival for specialty pharmacy providers?

Download the Research Agenda


Pharmaceutical professionals who want to optimize their specialty product distribution or contracting strategies use Specialty Pharmacy Manager
Navigator to:

  • Assess a specialty pharmacy’s role in a given drug category and anticipate how this will evolve in the future
  • Develop vendor network strategies
  • Evaluate and select potential specialty pharmacy partners
  • Structure contract agreements with specialty pharmacies


Visit our Specialty Pharmacy Manager Navigator webpage to learn more about
this research.


Need another pharma fact?

How do the five key trends in the specialty product distribution segment impact your specialty pharmacy contracts?

What are the recurring strategic themes among leading specialty pharmacies and specialty distributors?

How do SPs differentiate the category-specific services they provide?

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