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December, 2016

The Skills and Expertise Necessary to Thrive in 2020


Health plans need to advance six key elements of their business to successfully compete in 2020:

  • Engage and support consumer decisions,
  • Achieve quality goals and outcomes measures,
  • Diversify lines of business,
  • Succeed in government business,
  • Satisfy employer demands, and
  • Effectively manage medical and pharmacy costs.

Health Plans Need to Advance Six Key Elements of Their Business to Successfully Compete in 2020

These and other findings can be found in Health Strategies Group’s recently released research Strategic Accounts: Health Plans in 2020.

Key Questions This Research Answers

  • Which changes in health care will impact the business of health plans in 2020?
  • What skills and expertise will health plans need to develop in order to survive and compete in 2020?
  • Which leading plans will survive and thrive in 2020?

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Pharmaceutical and biotech professionals responsible for managed care customer sales and marketing use Strategic Accounts to:

  • Understand healthcare trends in order to develop business plans to secure product access
  • Analyze trends and the performance of leading health plan customers and identify pharmacy management strategies to maximize sales, minimize barriers, and secure optimal product access with health plan customers
  • Assess key marketplace trends in the health plan environment to support senior management informational needs
  • Assess the ability of individual health plans to attract and grow lives and control utilization or brand selection


Visit our Strategic Accounts webpage to learn more about this research.


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