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February, 2018

Quality Measurement is Widespread

Value, Quality, and Reimbursement | Released in February 2018

Quality measurement is widespread, with multiple sources providing expertise and data.

The current healthcare environment that is shifting toward quality and outcomes achievements requires that all stakeholders establish and work toward aligned goals of what demonstrates quality and how to measure it.

To date, multiple organizations have taken on the challenge of defining what is important in measuring quality and how organizations are performing on such metrics. Payers and systems, as a result, must choose and work toward achieving those metrics that are the most impactful to their business goals.

This report will assess performance across these multiple sets, while a second report will identify how plans and systems prioritize these metrics and implement initiatives to improve performance and a third will identify payer best practices.

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These and other findings can be found in Health Strategies Group’s recently released research Quality Measures and Programs.

Key questions answered in this research:

  • What are the central organizations measuring quality in health care?
  • How do payers perform on quality measures across channels?
  • How do hospitals and systems perform on quality measures?
  • What therapeutic areas provide the most opportunity for biopharmaceutical industry quality engagement?

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Visit our Value, Quality, and Reimbursement webpage to learn more about this research.



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