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July, 2017

Pricing and Ability to Reduce Exacerbations are Most Important Attributes in Stakeholder Access Decisions

Market Access Brand Value Proposition | Research Released July 2017

Health plans acknowledge that lower net pricing is a primary driver of access decisions in COPD, and predictive analysis confirms this.

We'll say to the manufacturers, we think you're more similar than different. So from a financial perspective, now it's a horse race based on best pricing or other unique contract terms. – National Plan Pharmacy

While net pricing is important, plans also consider other measures that impact finances when making access decisions, such as the total cost of patient care and long-term data on ER/hospitalization reductions.

Medical groups are most driven by efficacy scores, reduced hospitalization/ER data, and quality-of-life data in preferred product selection since they are driven by patient outcomes and well-being.

COPD patients tend to be older and more fragile than my asthma patients … they can be trickier in terms of preventing the exacerbations and hospitalizations. – Medical Group Primary Care

Top attributes driving COPD Access Decisions

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These and other findings can be found in Health Strategies Group’s recently released research Market Access Brand Value Proposition: COPD Brand Attribute Opportunity Assessment & Outlook 2019


Key Topics covered in this research include:

  • Brand attributes that influence access decisions
  • Stakeholder perceptions of brand performance on key attributes
  • Recent clinical trial data and impact on stakeholder perceptions of brand value
  • New attributes emerging in clinical trials and potential near-term impact on access decisions
  • Perceived value of currently marketed and new entrants over the next 24 months

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Visit our Market Access Brand Value Proposition webpage to learn more about this research.



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