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August, 2017

Prevalence of Base-Price Discount Contracts Diminishes as IDNs Increase Experimentation with Different Contracts

Institutional Channel Assessment | Research Released in July 2017

IDN stakeholders predict moderate growth in outcomes-based contracting over the next three years, although they realize that this prediction may be both wishful thinking and an excessive expectation given marketplace challenges.

We’ve been discussing value- and outcomes-based contracting, but we haven’t gone in that direction yet – although we are very close to signing an outcomes-based contract, which would be the first one I've done. – IDN Pharmacy Executive

Base-price discount contracts become less prevalent as IDNs explore more complex Contract Types

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These and other findings can be found in Health Strategies Group’s recently released research Institutional Channel Assessment: Pricing and Contracting Innovation in the Institutional Channel.

Key Questions Answered in this Research:

  • What are the current innovative trends in IDN pricing and contracting?
  • What opportunities exist within specific therapeutic categories?
  • What should biopharmaceutical companies expect as a result of these dynamics?

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Visit our Institutional Channel Assessment webpage to learn more about this research.



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