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August, 2017

Payers Will Decrease Reliance on PBMs If They Fail To Improve their Services by Developing Specific Capabilities

Pharmacy Benefit Managers | Research Released August 2017

If PBMs remain incapable of offering satisfactory services and specific capabilities important to clients, the majority of health plans and employers anticipate developing these capabilities either internally or contracting for services externally.

There’s so little transparency, and customer service is ghastly—so much so that we fired one of our PBMs a couple years ago because of it. Obviously, service is an issue, but so is information, best price, strategies for more narrow formularies, reporting, rebates and contracts. I work with our PBM, and I also work with a number of carve-out vendors, so I’m constantly working to jointly strategize better pharmacy management. And sadly, we haven’t done that. I don’t think that any one of them is doing any better than the other, unfortunately. – Medical Director, Blues Plan

Payers will rely on Alternate Tactics

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These and other findings can be found in Health Strategies Group’s recently released research Pharmacy Benefit Managers: PBMs in 2020

Key questions answered in this research:

  • What healthcare market events to PBMs anticipate will significantly influence their business by 2020?
  • How will market events determine which capabilities and expertise PBMs will need to compete in 2020?
  • What barriers and opportunities can biopharmaceutical companies expect from the PBM business model transformation?

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