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November, 2017

MDs' Perceived Impact of MCO Interventions

Payer Landscape for Specialty Pharmaceuticals   |   Research Released October 2017

MDs' Perceived Impact of MCO Interventions

MDs' Perceived Impact of MCO Interventions on Prescribing Preferences/Business Practices Vary by Specialty.

Specialists see both good and bad in payer specialty pharmacy management programs; most are neutral.

From a positive perspective, these physicians, especially low volume specialty prescribers, often see product acquisition, especially from payer-aligned specialty pharmacies, as smooth, with some even finding it easy.

On the opposite side, specialty prescribers find that current managed care controls challenge or diminish their autonomy over prescribing.

It is important to note that the results shown below reflect a typical bell curve, with one-fifth of respondents showing strong agreement with the question options offered, and the majority of responses are more or less neutral. In effect, many physicians have little to say about the positive or negative value of current payer specialty product controls.

Physicians perceive equal levels of positive and negative impacts of specialty pharmacy
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These and other findings can be found in Health Strategies Group’s recently released research Physician Response to Specialty Pharmacy Management Programs.

Key questions answered in this research:

  • What are physicians' perceptions of the impacts of MCO specialty pharmacy management programs on their practices?
  • Which MCO management interventions most affect specialists' product selection decisions?
  • Which specialists are most susceptible or resistant to MCO specialty pharmacy management programs?
  • Where do physicians offer opportunities for biopharmaceutical companies to develop improved relationships to sustain product preferences?

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Visit our Payer Landscape for Specialty Pharmaceuticals webpage to learn more about this research.



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