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November, 2016

Controlling Costs with Traditional Pharmacy Management Tools

Payer Trends and Profiles | RELEASED ON: 11/18/2015

Qualified Health Plans manage Marketplace healthcare costs with traditional pharmacy management tools. Since 2013, healthcare premiums have risen an average of 58%, healthcare deductibles an average of 15%.

Traditional Pharmacy Management Tools are used to Control Cost

These and other findings can be found in Health Strategies Group’s recently released research Health Insurance Exchanges: Controlling Cost in the Health Insurance Marketplace.

Key Questions This Research Answers

  • Which factors contribute to the cost of managing enrollees in the Health Insurance Exchange Marketplace?
  • How do Qualified Health Plans manage healthcare costs in the Marketplace?
  • Which common Marketplace strategies do Qualified Health Plans use to
    control costs?
  • How can biopharmaceutical companies help reduce the costs of providing care to Marketplace beneficiaries?

Download Research Agenda


Payer-focused executives responsible for developing long-term channel strategies for commercial and/or government payers use Health Insurance Exchanges to:

  • Understand the formation and evolution of the exchange marketplace
  • Prepare for this emerging health insurance channel


Visit our Health Insurance Exchanges webpage to learn more about this research.


Need another pharma fact?

What are the emerging trends in the Health Insurance Marketplace?

Which plans currently participate in exchanges, and which will participate in the future?

Employers are enrolling in health insurance exchanges; what exchange platforms are they considering, and why?



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