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August, 2017

Commercial plans prioritize cost reduction

Payer Landscape for Specialty Pharmaceuticals | Research Released in July 2017

Biopharmaceutical companies can leverage the importance commercial plans place on clinical goals by offering compelling, clinically differentiating value propositions for products in order to direct plans to shift their focus beyond unit product costs to total disease/care management costs.

"Ideally, our primary goal is obviously the right medicine for the patient, that's our ultimate goal. We also have to ensure value, making sure that drug A is the right medicine versus B. Ideally, drug A would be less expensive than B, but that’s not always true." – Senior Medical Director, Blues Plan

Commercial plans' objectives for Specialty Product Management Remain Steady Over Time

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These and other findings can be found in Health Strategies Group’s recently released research Payer Landscape for Specialty Pharmaceuticals: Specialty Pharmacy Management in Commercial Health Plans.

Key questions answered in this research:

  • What are commercial health plans' top specialty pharmacy management priorities?
  • How does commercial health plan management intensity vary across specialty therapeutic categories?
  • What marketplace changes do commercial health plans anticipate will have the most impact upon specialty product management?
  • Where are opportunities for biopharmaceutical companies to collaborate with commercial health plans to improve patient access to specialty products?

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Visit our Payer Landscape for Specialty Pharmaceuticals webpage to learn more about this research.



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