August, 2014

ACO Initiatives Test Pharma's Traditional Sales Model

FORBES 6/2014 -- The US healthcare system’s shift from volume- to value-based reimbursement for treatment  in order to lower costs and improve patient care is disrupting healthcare business models.  The high-profile government–led accountable care organizations (ACOs), which put financial pressure on payers and providers to share responsibility for meeting quality and cost goals, is no exception.

July, 2014

The Impact on Patients and Specialty Pharmacies of Evolving Payer Interventions to Manage Hepatitis C Agents

The approval of considerably improved therapies for hepatitis C has radically changed the treatment paradigm for patients while significantly increasing drug expenditures for payers. The need to mitigate rising costs while providing quality patient care is driving payers to intensify management efforts in a market that has traditionally faced limited access barriers and payer interventions. This article reports on recent research from Health Strategies Group that evaluated current and future payer dynamics that directly impact the market and patient access to hepatitis C agents.

May, 2014

Five Facts to Know About HEOR

The heat is on payers to identify which brands offer the best value, and many key decision makers turn to health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) to help them pick the winners and the losers.

Marketers should understand how payers use HEOR studies if they want to maintain or grow their brand’s competitive advantage. Here are five key points about HEOR every marketer should know.

April, 2013

Understanding Access—And How To Improve It

PM360, 4/2013 -- The number one goal of pharma marketers is to maximize sales of their products. But this is challenging because many factors, including sales force time and attention, promotional budget, key opinion leader support, and product access, contribute to success. The last of these, access, adds another layer of complexity because it has several meanings, each representing a specific strategic choice for brand champions. Marketers need to know the different definitions of access and how to use each type to their brand’s benefit.

April, 2012

Four Things To Do Before Submitting an NDA

PM360, 4/2012 -- In the past, marketers would wait until a brand was 18-24 months away from launch before planning their strategy in earnest. Today, they need to be more proactive with their prelaunch marketing efforts and get started before a drug even gets to Phase III trials.



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