July, 2017

Pricing and Ability to Reduce Exacerbations are Most Important Attributes in Stakeholder Access Decisions

Market Access Brand Value Proposition | Research Released July 2017

Health plans acknowledge that lower net pricing is a primary driver of access decisions in COPD, and predictive analysis confirms this.

We'll say to the manufacturers, we think you're more similar than different. So from a financial perspective, now it's a horse race based on best pricing or other unique contract terms. – National Plan Pharmacy

July, 2017

Evolving Market Dynamics Will Continue to Influence and Limit Access to Branded MS Drugs by 2019

Brand Access Marketplace Dynamics   |   Research Released July 2017

Availability of new brands and potential entrance of multisource generics will compel stakeholders to intensify management tactics to further narrow preferred branded MS drugs.

Biopharmaceutical companies that support stakeholder objectives of achieving high-quality, cost-effective long-term care for MS patients will benefit from improved relations and likely sustain optimal access for their brands.

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